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character: Gold
series: Pokémon Special
tagging priority: ■■■■■: Typically comes last but takes precedence when doing multiple runs of the inbox
muse strength: ■■■■■: It comes as naturally as breathing.
cast strength: ■■■■□: I love what I have. But I want more.
plotting capabilities: ■■■■□: He lends himself well to small plots involving a people due to his social nature, having been involved in far more than my others, but he doesn't really do well in larger, more serious plots due to his nature.
general fun level: ■■■■■: I always enjoy Gold threads.
likelihood of drop: □□□□□: Nope.

character: Asbel Lhant
series: Tales of Graces
tagging priority: ■■■□□: Tends to be lower priority
muse strength: ■■■□□: He's solid as a voice but my confidence with him comes and goes.
cast strength: ■■□□: Just Richard and Pascal now. With any luck I'll hopefully get Hubert and Malik, but we'll see...
plotting capabilities: ■■□□□: He only lends well to certain types of plots, typically ones with action or fighting involved, but those are few in number now.
general fun level: ■■■□□: When I get him going, he's great. But it feels so very hard to get him involved in things.
likelihood of drop: ■■□□□: If someone had to go, it would be Asbel.

character: Haru Glory
series: Rave Master
tagging priority: ■■■■□: Lower priority than Gold.
muse strength: ■■■■□: Now that I'm getting him involved in things I definitely feel better about him.
cast strength: ■■□□□: The fact that I have a cast at all is the greatest mystery of the universe
plotting capabilities: ■■■■■: He's probably the best I've got for plot potential. He's a shounen hero, full of action and heroics, so he's easy to involved in the big plots, but he also lends well to smaller plots since he's very friendly and open.
general fun level: ■■■■□: Getting better now that I'm getting more comfortable with him.
likelihood of drop: ■□□□□: More of a cautionary square than anything.


(if I dropped someone and wanted a replacement)

character: Shing Meteoryte
series: Tales of Hearts
Why I might: Goofy and fun, eternal optimist, the application of the concepts of Somas and Spir Links in a panfandom RP setting would be downright fascinating, could potentially have a castmate in the form of Beryl since Henru wants to play her, also he's adorable.
Why I might not: The game is in Japanese, there's a lot of terminology in the game that are downright confusing, similar to Haru in his personality

character: Stahn Aileron
series: Tales of Destiny
Why I might: Easy muse that comes naturally to me, always enjoyable to play
Why I might not: Would definitely require me canon-reviewing the PSX version and I'd sooner castrate myself than replay that thing, extreme voice blend with Haru (they even have the same Japanese VA so it's literal too), already dropped him once due to him growing stale on me

character: Reid Hershel
series: Tales of Eternia
Why I might: Easygoing, possible castmate, not actually your typical obnoxious shounen hero
Why I might not: Would have to canon review and hope I get a muse for him, may be difficult to get him involved in things due to his laziness