Oct. 18th, 2012

kyosuke: (How YOU doin'?)
Heeeeey DW. Long time no see. Not that many people actually use these strange, crazy things called personal DWs. ...That's such an odd-sounding acronym. DW doesn't roll off the tongue like LJ did. Ah well, that place is a shithole so it's a sacrifice I'll make.

Anyway, I've got a real reason why I'm actually posting. See, this year, I've decided to participate in Extra Life. You can find the details of what Extra Life is over here, but the gist of it is that I'm gonna be playing video games this weekend to raise money for kids in children's hospitals to fund those places and help take care of those kids. Well, me and thousands of other games.

That said, it'd be really cool if you guys could donate to this. All proceeds go directly to these hospitals, and in particular, I'll be supporting a children's hospital in Pittsburgh. My page is over here, and any and all support would be extremely appreciated and greatly loved.

Now, what do you get out of it, you might be asking? WELL THAT'S SELFISH, HOW DARE YOU. But seriously you do get something! And that something is that I'm gonna be streaming this whole affair. I've got all the necessary equipment to stream my games (I can play them off my TV and stream to my computer at the same time now!) and I'm going to let you pick the game! ...From this list of games. Perhaps next year I'll let you guys literally pick the game from anything released but this was decided a bit last minute on my part. Of course, I'll also be doing commentary, so you can hear all my raging from the comfort of your computer.

The list of games I have at my disposal is under here! )

I'm gonna say pick no more than 3 games, so comment here with your choices. Sonic Adventure 2's most likely a definite unless everyone objects since I was gonna stream that anyway, but anything else is fair game!