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I swear to God, you better enjoy this one, [Bad username or site: miken-chan title= @]

Zane Gyfywise (9:05:50 PM): Weeeell.
JustlySarcastic (9:06:42 PM): ?
savage wolf fury (9:06:45 PM): /rolls
Zane Gyfywise (9:07:22 PM): Zane got rejected.
savage wolf fury (9:07:31 PM): ):
Shadowdr5 (9:07:34 PM): ?
Shokora Kukki (9:07:39 PM): ):
CruxisKyosuke (9:07:48 PM): What.
Untold Ideas (9:07:52 PM) has left the room.
vagina rats (9:08:06 PM): ... :(
Shokora Kukki (9:08:21 PM): That sucks. :<
Shadowdr5 (9:08:23 PM): what?
JustlySarcastic (9:08:55 PM): That sucks, man ):
Zane Gyfywise (9:09:34 PM): I'll live.
CruxisKyosuke (9:09:46 PM): Where'd you apply?
JustlySarcastic (9:09:48 PM): Yeah, you will.
JustlySarcastic (9:09:49 PM): ....
savage wolf fury (9:09:50 PM): ...
JustlySarcastic (9:09:52 PM): LOL
Shokora Kukki (9:09:53 PM): ...
JustlySarcastic (9:09:54 PM): LMFAO
savage wolf fury (9:09:54 PM): lmfao
JustlySarcastic (9:09:56 PM): /DIES
CruxisKyosuke (9:09:57 PM): what.
Shokora Kukki (9:09:57 PM): lol Kyo
JustlySarcastic (9:09:58 PM): KYO
savage wolf fury (9:10:00 PM): slowking.jpg
CruxisKyosuke (9:10:00 PM): HE SAID REJECTED
CruxisKyosuke (9:10:02 PM): OH
CruxisKyosuke (9:10:03 PM): WAIT
CruxisKyosuke (9:10:04 PM): I REMEMBER
JustlySarcastic (9:10:05 PM): XDDDDDDDDD
savage wolf fury (9:10:07 PM): kyo
CruxisKyosuke (9:10:07 PM): nevermind
Shokora Kukki (9:10:13 PM): LOOOOL
savage wolf fury (9:10:17 PM): girl does not equal rp
Shadowdr5 (9:10:17 PM): WHAT?
vagina rats (9:10:19 PM): ........
vagina rats (9:10:20 PM): LOL
Shadowdr5 (9:10:23 PM): OH.
JustlySarcastic (9:10:37 PM): XDDDD
Zane Gyfywise (9:10:37 PM): ):
Shokora Kukki (9:10:40 PM): Fail twin.
CruxisKyosuke (9:10:42 PM): AND WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT RP?
Shadowdr5 (9:10:43 PM): I was like I didn't think Zane apped anyone...
JustlySarcastic (9:10:47 PM): That is so damn amazing.
JustlySarcastic (9:10:48 PM): Oh god.
JustlySarcastic (9:10:50 PM): That just like.
savage wolf fury (9:10:52 PM): you did.
JustlySarcastic (9:10:52 PM): Made my night.
CruxisKyosuke (9:10:56 PM): No, I didn't.
JustlySarcastic (9:11:01 PM): Kyo.
savage wolf fury (9:11:10 PM): you did.
CruxisKyosuke (9:11:13 PM): No.
JustlySarcastic (9:11:13 PM): Do you write apps to get accepted by girls?
savage wolf fury (9:11:16 PM): yes.
JustlySarcastic (9:11:16 PM): :|
CruxisKyosuke (9:11:18 PM): ...Maybe.
JustlySarcastic (9:11:23 PM): Get out
CruxisKyosuke (9:11:25 PM): No.
savage wolf fury (9:11:30 PM): yes.
Shokora Kukki (9:11:32 PM): XDDD
CruxisKyosuke (9:11:33 PM): Fuck that.
Shadowdr5 (9:11:38 PM): I should make guys app to be my boyfriend.
JustlySarcastic (9:11:42 PM): XDDD
vagina rats (9:11:45 PM): HAHA
JustlySarcastic (9:11:47 PM): That would be amazing
savage wolf fury (9:12:04 PM): someone should post that
Shokora Kukki (9:12:05 PM): Name, gender, brief history, personality
JustlySarcastic (9:12:08 PM): I'd make the app needlessly complicated.
CruxisKyosuke (9:12:10 PM): Maybe you wouldn't have gotten rejected if you correctly apped, Zane. *shot*
JustlySarcastic (9:12:10 PM): LMAO
CruxisKyosuke (9:12:28 PM): Make sure you don't plagiarize, though.
JustlySarcastic (9:12:29 PM): He must have plagurized.
CruxisKyosuke (9:12:35 PM): ...
JustlySarcastic (9:12:46 PM): Now, you damn well better get out :|
CruxisKyosuke (9:12:52 PM): No.
JustlySarcastic (9:12:55 PM): Yes.
CruxisKyosuke (9:12:58 PM): You get out.
CruxisKyosuke (9:13:00 PM): It's my joke.
JustlySarcastic (9:13:00 PM): Never.
vagina rats (9:13:02 PM): *plagiarized
JustlySarcastic (9:13:10 PM): Your mom.
vagina rats (9:13:16 PM): your grandma
JustlySarcastic (9:13:20 PM): Your ancestors.
JustlySarcastic (9:13:46 PM): :|
JustlySarcastic (9:13:56 PM): Gauge the reactions.
JustlySarcastic (9:14:04 PM): If you aren't sure, wait for someone to make it obvious 8|
JustlySarcastic (9:14:15 PM): Then things like this don't happen.
CruxisKyosuke (9:14:17 PM): You people clearly weren't going to do that.
JustlySarcastic (9:14:19 PM): Which would make life boring.
JustlySarcastic (9:14:25 PM): You didn't give us time to XD
CruxisKyosuke (9:14:30 PM): Bullshit.
Zane Gyfywise (9:14:32 PM): Cheered me the hell up.
JustlySarcastic (9:14:35 PM): XDDD
Zane Gyfywise (9:14:35 PM): /o/
JustlySarcastic (9:14:38 PM): Awesome
CruxisKyosuke (9:14:42 PM): You guys were too busy going "That sucks. ):"
CruxisKyosuke (9:14:51 PM): YOU GUYS WERE GIVING ZANE PITY.
CruxisKyosuke (9:14:54 PM): I GAVE HIM JOY
JustlySarcastic (9:15:03 PM): By being special.
CruxisKyosuke (9:15:08 PM): This is why I'm a good dad.
JustlySarcastic (9:15:08 PM): /o/

Date: 2009-04-21 01:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
|8 Zane linked to wikipedia.

Date: 2009-04-21 01:35 am (UTC)
kyio: (Cocona)
From: [personal profile] kyio
Such amazing fail. It's rare that fail is so incredible.

Date: 2009-04-21 01:38 am (UTC)
kyio: (You don't say ...)
From: [personal profile] kyio
Yeah, that was definitely a failcano.

Date: 2009-04-21 02:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Why yes, I am very happy with this.

Date: 2009-04-21 02:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Addendum: Thanks for the tag, now it'll be easier to find stuff to blackmail you with~

Date: 2009-04-21 04:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Kyo is an awesome guy who doesn't afraid of anything

Date: 2009-04-21 02:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That is amazing.

Life would be so much simpler if people apped for dates.

Date: 2009-04-21 02:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
At the very least, one could maintain a standard of grammar. And perhaps there would be a way to enforce in-character acting under the threat of being dumped, so that sleezeballs wouldn't just make up the brief history/personality sections.

Date: 2009-04-21 05:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Writing an application for a girlfriend is totally cool. :Db

Date: 2009-04-21 06:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*laughing. Just... laughing.*

Date: 2009-04-21 07:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Position Applying For: (Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Sex Friend?)

Reasons for Applying:
List your Strong Points: (Two or Three works)
List your Weak Points: (Again, Two or Three)
Describe an Ideal Date:
What kind of Commitment are you willing to make?:

You will be contacted immediately if chosen for the position.

Date: 2009-04-21 10:11 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Name: anonymous
Position Applying For: all of the above

Reasons for Applying: im lonly :'(
List your Strong Points: i'm anon
List your Weak Points: i'm anon
Describe an Ideal Date: i think theyd hav 2 b an enigma
What kind of Commitment are you willing to make?: ummmmmmmmmmbrb

Date: 2009-04-23 11:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh wow... XD; The things I miss when I'm not in chat, man.